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Dr. Shikha's Nutri-Health Programs

Personalized telephonic advisory by dedicated nutritionist.
Decade long satisfied clients from India & Abroad


Dr. Shikha's Nutri-Health Programs

Qualified Ayurvedic Doctors diagnose your constitution
178 years of combined Medical Experience


Dr. Shikha's Nutri-Health Programs

Panchkarma treatments for pain management,hormonal problems and weight loss.


Dr. Shikha's Nutri-Health Programs

Natural botanical treatments to heal at the root cause level.
96% success rate in weight loss & medical improvement


Dr. Shikha's Nutri-Health Programs

Several thousand satisfied clients
30% of our clients are through Referrals


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Panchkarma Therapy

Dr. Shikha's Nutri-Health Systems

Our Team of Dr.Shikha's Nutri-Health Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been actively working in the field of weight management and lifestyle related disorders for the past 15 years. We have always believed in natural ways of achieving health and do not believe in artificial methods like machines, medicines, supplements etc.

At our organization , we offer a scientifically designed program based on 'NUTRI-GENETICS' i.e the study of nutrition based on the( Prakriti ) genetic makeup of an individual. This is a fast evolving concept in the field of nutrition all over the world and we have pioneered in developing this concept. The use of scientific methods makes our programs successful. Our qualified team of dieticians offer customized diet plans to lose weight.

We strongly believe in the body's ability to heal itself, properly supported through right choices of food, nature's store house of energy and healing power i.e. herbs, a healthy and positive bent of mind, and appropriate life style modifications. When we talk about weight gain ( obesity) ,high cholesterol or high blood sugar ,we need to work on the basics like ,detoxifying the liver , balancing the body with nutrients ,to get good results . To really make a difference, we need to help our body to improve the metabolic process to get long term results , and this is not acheived by just a low calorie diet .
That's why we have integrated important disciplines like Nutrition and Botanicals  to help our clients .

Telephonic Nutrition Advisory Services 

Diet Helpline (DHL) is a service promoted by the renowned Weight Loss and Nutrition Expert Dr.Shikha Sharma. It focuses on Therapeutic Weight Loss which literally means weight loss along with Therapeutic Benefits. The service works on phone, email and SMS.
Therapeutic Benefits mean medical improvements in terms of major Problems like Diabetes , Hypothyroidism , Dyslipidemia (disturbed or deranged lipid profile), PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian disease in females) to name a few which are generally seen in conjunction with Obesity (increased weight) and even if none of the major problems is present aim is to provide improvement in minor problems like flatulence, acidity, water retention etc that bother a person on a regular basis.

Nutrihealth Regular Clinic     Nutriwel (Tele-Web  Nutrition Solutions)
Diseases management clinic Weight loss  service  predominantly
Consultation by Ayurvedic Doctors  Consultation by highly qualified Nutritionists
Client visits clinic for treatments and advise  Consultation on phone, email and SMS
Ayurvedic Treatments  Recipes and procedure sent by email

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