What To Eat In Winters To Stay Warm?

The Christmas is upon us and the weather is very cold. Winters makes us want to eat more. There is a constant need to eat more and eat interesting foods.

Most of us are also trying to keep in shape for the New Year’s Party. You may not want to indulge in foods that play havoc with your system.

Nutri Health Systems diet experts offer simple solutions to keeping warm in winters and preventing weight gain.


  1. Drink hot water all day long.
  2. Boil fresh turmeric root in milk, filter the brew and sip on this decoction.It has antioxidant properties that will keep flu and many other medical issues at bay.
  3. Keep vegetable stock ready at all times and you can either warm this to sip on when hungry or use it as a base for making other soups.
  4. Keep peanuts handy and munch on these when hungry.
  5. Steamed mix vegetables with lemon dressing make an interesting mid meal snack.
  6. Mushrooms are the produce of season. Simply sauté some in olive oil with garlic for a hot snack.
  7. Green tea and lavender tea boiled alon with cloves are the flavour of the season
  8. Boiled eggs, Chicken Tikka, Soya Kebabs are protein rich snacks that can be eaten with soup. Protein keeps you full longer and also keeps you warm.
  9. Enjoy kebabs made of pulses like rajmah, channa with plenty of ginger and garlic.



Eating right and staying healthy is not difficult. With a bit of insight and planning you can prevent Beinge eating. Avoid keeping at home the snacks like cakes and cookies that are prohibited on your diet. Festivities are in flair but you can do lots more with just thinking wholesome eating. To stay warm eat the foods that you enjoy and learn about their benefits.