Creating Selfies- Diet

All we hear about is Selfies these days. People go ‘gaga’ over your latest DP aka display pic and like your new avatar.

How about going a little overboard and creating Selfies w.r.t other things in life?

As a Nutrition Team, we at Nutri Health Systems can only think of creating ‘Selfies’ when it comes to your diet.

Your diet should be in harmony to your genes. Nutrigenetics is an adopted concept here at Nutri Health systems. We believe that what you eat should be alligned with your genes.

To explain the concept further, your BMI, Blood Group and Ayurveda Constitution determine your meal pattern in our clinics.

A Positive will be working with wheat products.
B Positives do better on no wheat and more protein.
O positives respond better with dairy free and high protein diet.
AB positives are offered fermented foods.

To learn more about diets according to your genetic make up, speak to our nutritionists.

Similarly, Ayurveda determines your constitution i.e. prakriti and we devise a diet plan as per that.
A Kapha constitution responds better without dairy and wheat as this is a sluggish constitution.

A Vata constitution will do wonders with porridges and gruels in diet.
A Pitta constitution does not respond very well to sour, hot and spicy foods.

Hence, a Selfie at Nutri Health Systems means that your diet plan will be very specific.

Your plans will look different from your siblings or friend also on the same program. This is because each individual is unique and hence the diet has to be special.