Diets that are Ideal for Winter

The nip is in the air. This indicates bone chilling winds and dry cold weather. Those who are in the process of losing and maintaining weight will find it harder to shed those extra kilos.
But we do not want to dishearten you. We believe ‘where there is a will there is a way’.
Nutri Health Systems wants you to shed the extra weight with a little more style this winter. This is what you do:



  • Get some sun rays anytime during the day. A 15 minute dose of bright sunshine will rev up your metabolism and improve your Vitamin D levels. There is scientific research done by experts that sunshine helps improve body metabolism and natural weight loss.


  • Start your day with few sips of black tea or black coffee without sugar.


  • A warm porridge is ideal for these cold winter mornings. Check with your diet experts on cereals and milk base that is appropriate for your Ayurveda constitution. Some of you may do wonders on oats as compared to others. Similarly if you are on a dairy free diet than soy milk or almond milk is great substitute.


  • Winters are associated with hunger pangs. Eating is good as it boosts metabolism but eat right. Instead of fruit sugars aim for salads, steamed vegetables or sprouts. No sugar in any form is best to lose weight.


  • Sip on lukewarm water all day long. Use lemon zest, ginger juice, tulsi (Holy Basil) to increase the detoxification value of your hot beverage.


  • Dinners and lunches can be warm stews and soups with hardy breads this winter.


  • Keep roasted nuts and seeds handy for when hunger strikes.


  • Make the best of winter vegetables by drinking smoothies. A fresh vegetable smoothie will certainly enhance the winter glow.


  • Protein keeps you warm, so keep your diet rich in protein.


  • Consider Panchkarma Therapy this winter. The Ayurveda process of detoxifying and balancing the body constitution is perfect for the Fall/ Winter Season. The steams, herbal massages and body therapeutic packs will ensure that your metabolism is in good shape. Regular hot oil massages help mobilise fat and make losing weight easier.



At Nutri- Health Systems we believe that diets need to be modified as per individual and season. Walk in to our centre and you will be amazed with the variety of diets and treatments we offer. Soups and salads are not the only things on our menu this winter. We have so much tmore to offer. Try us, lose weight!