Why Dhokla Is Recommended On Our Diets?

If you are on Nutri Health Systems Diets you very often find dhokla in your diet plan.


Well its not that Dhokla is our magic wand. There is food science behind recommending it. Gujarati snacks like khandvi, Dhokla are fermented foods.


As per the book Foods Facts & Principles by M Shakuntala Manay, fermented foods are more nutritious than their unfermented counterparts.
Micro organisms break down complex compounds making the textures and snack more easily digestible. In addition, they synthesize vitamins and growth factors.


Research has proven health benefits associated with fermented foods including decrease in fat deposition, stimulation of metabolism , normalisation of stomach acidity and protectection of the stomach as well as the intestine lining.


Studies indicate that fermented foods like idlis and dosas are a right blend of carbs as well as protein and ideal for diabetics.


So if you are suggested fermented foods by your dietician go ahead and enjoy them.


Moongh dal cheela, breads and Avial as well as Appams are fermented food. So is buttermilk and kadhi.


At Nutri Health Systems we observe that blood group AB positive respond very well to fermented foods.