Weight Loss in an Unnatural Way

It’s tempting to fall prey to the various promises to lose weight rapidly, but what are you risking? Quick solutions can sometimes cause detrimental effects on your health.


Now-a-days weight loss is a trend, a fashion statement and one tries to do anything to achieve their goal. No matter which method of losing weight is chosen it has different effect on each person. Here is a list of most common ways to lose weight which can cost you your health.


Heavy Exercises


This way is based on the principles of aerobics to enhance basal metabolic rate and burn body fat rapidly.


Advantage: One can lose weight while improving the functions of the heart and lungs. It is a healthy and effective weight-loss method and it can also prevent cardiovascular disease.


Disadvantage: Not all exercises are effective in losing weight. After heavy exercise, one will have a good appetite as the blood sugar level drops. One may eat excessive food if they do not watch out. Some sports which require speed can only help exercise muscle-fibre to make one stronger instead of slimmer. Even if one reaches their weight-loss target through the right exercises, they will become stout once they stop exercising. Nothing but sticking to long-term sports keeps one fit.


Diet supplements/Diet Pills


There are basically three “Body Beautiful” Drugs: Appetite Suppressant; drugs containing diuretics, to remove fluid from the body; and drugs that help you to burn fat and calories.

Diet supplements/Diet Pills

When one stop taking these drugs, the weight will rapidly return to way it was before. Moreover, long-term use of weight-loss medicine will have a negative effect on the nervous system, the heart and blood vessels, and kidney. So far, there is no such medicine to lose weight without a negative effect.




There are two kinds of fitness machines used for Slimming or weight Loss. One is a large massage instrument used in parlours to increase muscular movement. The other is a fat losing machine, It can dissolve fat in the arms, waist and legs by the shaking of electric current through vibrations.


One may enjoy the course of slimming machines in beauty parlours, but cannot see visible results. The strong vibrations of the machine may cause a mechanical lesion and gastrointestinal tract disease. Women users may have results such as a prolonged menstrual period, dysmenorrhoeal and hanging womb. Such procedures can also cause skin lesions and nodules formation in the skin.


Liposuction Surgery


This requires an incision to be made in the body and inserting needles into the fat layer to draw out the fat.


Taking liposuction will make the body out of proportion and one need to wear corset and knead the skin and muscle after the operation. However, the weight will rebound if attention is not paid to the diet one eats. Moreover, this operation can only draw off subcutaneous fat while other fat remains. So, the risks of cardiovascular diseases and other weight related issues remains.