Is Regular Fasting Good For Weight Loss?

Hindu rituals involve regular fasting. Ramadan is also recognised as one of the most difficult fasting period.
Fasting is a practice of going without food for a specified amount of time. Certain school of diet experts believe that regular fasting may not necessary help you in losing weightand may not be considered an appropriate weight-loss method.
According to many dieticians, ‘fasting’ even just one a day in a week may cause dehydration, low blood pressure and cause you to overeat the next day. Indian summers are hot and humid. If you were to fast one day a week, drink only water or other low calorie beverages and continue to maintain your regular routine, you may become faint, dizzy or even pass out from lack of calories. Dr. Shikha Sharma points out that any weight lost that day would be water weight, not fat loss.
A better method of weight loss would be a diet consisting of liquid proteins all day. You might try beverages with protein for instance butter milk, low fat milk shakes, lentil soups. This way you get good calories and there is less muscle wastage.
A partial liquid diet can be opted for where you have liquids whole day but eat one meal of low calorie semi-solid meal like a fruit curd or whole grain porridge.
Fasting has been a topic of controversial discussion amongst dieticians. Many do not think favourable of it but certain diet experts recommend going on a low calorie plan for a day and following it up with a high calorie plan next day.
This helps the body get a metabolic shock and helps lose weight in many, as seen by dieticians at Nutri Health Systems.
To sum up, Dr. Shikha Sharma is of the opinion that fasting should be done carefully respecting one’s body needs. Although, it is a good detox method and cleanses the intestines; there is a right way to everything. It is wise to learn about good plans for fasting especially if you are keen on detox and losing weight. Nutri Health Systems Help plan diets for their clients during Navratra and Ramadan and this aids in a healthy weight loss for them without weight rebound or any side-effects.

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